CCM helps businesses improve internal and external relationships while increasing profitability and growth.

We do this through workshops, one-on one-coaching and team facilitation and mediation services.

Cooperative Coaching and Mediation can unlock your potential with greater peace of mind, financial freedom and improved communication. With a results-oriented approach, CCM helps closely-held businesses align their goals with their values, to develop a plan with specific steps to reach those goals and provides ongoing support to achieve success.

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Preparing for Any Negotiation

Negotiation plays an important part in interpersonal relationships. When people are in conflict, finding the way out of anger and into peaceful resolution is a process of negotiation. As a mediator, I serve as a neutral party and bring my … Continue reading

Case Study: Partnership in Peril

Friends since law school, Ben and Jonathan achieved individual success before founding their own firm. Ben had been an associate in one of the large, downtown law offices where he developed an expertise in bankruptcy law, while Jonathan worked at … Continue reading

Top 7 Reasons to Use a Mediator to Settle Internal Business Conflicts

Genuine Neutrality Mediation is assisted negotiation by an unbiased third party in the dispute. No one within your organization can bring this quality of neutrality because they will have their own perspective on the dispute and stake in its outcome. … Continue reading

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