Ready to stop the arguments and get back to work?

Resolve conflicts, improve communication and uncover common goals for greater profitability.

For closely-held businesses, interpersonal conflicts claim a particularly steep toll. Family businesses and partnerships between friends and spouses are founded on bonds of mutual care and support. When disagreements and communication break down these relationships every aspect business is affected.

Cooperative Coaching and Mediation assists businesses facing the dual challenge of improving performance and decreasing conflict. Through coaching, mediation services and workshops, individuals and teams enhance the bottom line by improving communication, uncovering common goals and resolving disagreement.

CCM facilitates the tough conversations that allow business stakeholders to speak hard truths and to forge agreements that are mutually satisfactory and durable. The problems all businesses face can become insurmountable when poor communication and opposing personalities get in the way of clarity, harmony and progress. We offer neutral and independent facilitation of discussions that will save you time, money and regret.

For business stakeholders transitioning from their current relationship, CCM mediation services assist in conversations addressing issues such as succession and the closing of partnerships.

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